April 21, 2020

by Addison Davies

Some people say that money is not everything. I believe that it is certainly not everything, but it sure can buy you everything. These bills may not be the most critical aspect of our lives, but it is there with us throughout our lives.

From 4-year-old wanting ice cream to an 80-year-old wanting his prescription medicine, everything can be attained, only if there are bills in the wallet.

I am writing this blog to let you know the perpetuity of this commodity and maybe to highlight the fact that it can bring happiness in our lives as well.


Being a parent is the most profound and fulfilling feeling in the world. The happiest moment for every mother and father is when they hear their baby’s first cry. Hefty expenses accompany this happiness. Even before a baby is born, the parents start preparing themselves for his arrival, and the costs start piling up.

  • Getting ultrasounds and pre-natal treatments
  • Making the nursery for the child
  • Buying him food, clothes, diapers, and toys.
  • And the exorbitant hospital bill, which is almost unbearable if there is a surgery involved.

Having a child is indeed unique, but accommodating a child into your budget and ensuring your financial health can be stressful.


I believe that the teenage years are the best and the worst stage of our lives. With raging hormones and an identity crisis, money is the only thing that sails us through that period. Imagine an adolescent-

  • who throws the most lavish parties with a pool table, rock music, and beer;
  • who has a car at the age of 16;
  • who wears new outfits to school every day;
  • and who has all the latest and trending gadgets?

Do you think there would be anybody in the entire school, who would not want to befriend him? Teenagers are quite fickle, and a few easily replaceable things can become more important to them than their own life. Money means everything for the majority of these young adults.


After attaining the age of 18, a child steps into the real world. This happens when he gets himself in the university. Some can get a scholarship, while the rest opt for student loans to secure their finances for the hefty tuition fees.

Getting a loan puts things into perspective for all of us. The spendthrift teenager is transformed into a frugal adult. It may seem strange, but it happens.

The changes start happening from the first day of college;

  • from partying every day to getting a job to pay for everyday expenses;
  • getting into the dormitory instead of a flat to save on rent;
  • taking the bus to get to places instead of an Uber;
  • and finally eating the famous ramen noodles instead of the expensive gourmet meals.

Learning the art of financial management is one of the best teachings of university apart from the course, knowing that the student gets every day.


Up until now, every person is just expending money, his parents’, the lenders and some of his own. However, once he gets a job, he starts earning money, a real and fair income that makes him stand on his own two feet without anyone’s support.

  • Working 10 hours at the office every weekday;
  • bringing work home every day to get that coveted promotion;
  • dealing with petty colleagues and a grumpy boss;
  • still maintaining positivity to get that paycheck on the 1st of every month.

The professional life is hard, and it is draining, but you have to swallow this bitter pill to keep yourselves from drowning in debt and away from credit like quick loans in Ireland.


After a job, the next big thing in our lives is buying a home to call it our own. Living on rent or leasing a house is all fine and dandy; however, when you think about starting a family, you want a place that will be a constant. A place that you can retire in and play with your grandbabies in.

That is why getting a home is quite significant. By 35, most people can save enough to get at least the down payment ready, if not the entire funding. There are a lot of options in the financing world to make the dream of a home a reality for you, given that you have a steady income.


By the age of 40, the majority of us have had kids. Some do it at 20, and for some, the time is a little late. Whenever you may decide to do so, the financial cycle of money will start its wheel once again.


In the end, all I want to say is that money is one of the essential things in our life. The way to decide to earn it and spend it has to be wise. For without it, we would be similar to fish without water.

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