October 7, 2019

by Isabella Elmore

If you are the one who thinks that there is a ghost inside you only because you ‘think’ that you come across gallant dreams. It is the time you have can get a chance to explore the ghost’s trait in you. In your childhood, you must have lived the days where you feel the utmost tremor in the dark and somewhere in your mind a vague picture of supernatural activity exists.  Such dreams and thoughts are psychological because that is our part of the mechanism to think in both ways. For example, there is a fear in everyone’s mind of the ghost in everyone’s under the bed.   

The concept of under the bed ghost is common in every area and corner of the house. Not only that if we talk about the cinematography then the movie creator has managed to excel to scare the death out of every individual. They have given vision the theme of Dracula, vampires and evil spirits possessed two innocent and young souls. However, let us just begin the historic concept with a pinch of modernity touch.

You must have heard about the very famous festival celebrated in Ireland that is BRAM STOKER FESTIVAL. In the name of its celebration, there is four days’ holiday from 25th October to the 29th of October.  In the span of four days’ time, you must be curious to know about the history behind the most ghoul celebration of Dublin.

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What is Bram stoker festival is all about?

Bram Stoker is one of the finest authors who have written some amazing books with the name the snake pass. In his writing experience, he has explored the wording of gothic experiences. The celebration of Bram Stoker was explored way earlier from the celebration of Halloween. Yes! You have read that right in Ireland the merriment of this festival is to make the gothic more visible to everyone. The celebrants of macabre and sinister are of the examples which are known to be the theme of the novel.

How to celebrate?

The beginning of its celebration was initiated when he wrote his first novel named Dracula. After that, the theme of the novel was brought to theatre acting.  With the progress and popularity of the fiction of Dracula, it slowly initiated for the celebration of grand festive and stayed for four continuous days. It is the only reason why people of Ireland go crazy and deep dive in the fake blood. Therefore, if you are looking forward to enjoying and want to have fun for the coming Halloween then you must prepare a list of what you have to do. Tips to make your days:

1- Wear some creepy costume which makes scare while seeing in the mirror

2- Makes sure that your every attempt is to bring the scare in the eyes of another person, but do not take anything on a real base.

3- Prepare your eats and menu to make the bliss of the gothic touch. For example, make drinks related to the color red and keep the red sauce like ketchup.

4- Celebrate the event in two ways, that is you can organize indoor and outdoor events.

However, it all depends on your way to express your happiness and the crazy treat inside you. If you think due to some of the other trick you can make your days memorable then you must visit Dublin to get the most exuberant and exciting views of the Bram Stoker festival.

What’s new here?

This time people of Dublin have created a big celebration with the addition of pop- up performances and street walk parade. The days will totally speak all about gothic experiences. The event will include loud and horror music and theatre performances and do not forget about zombies and Goths.

Who can participate?

It is important that everyone gets clear information that even if you are living outside Dublin then also you can enroll yourself. You just have to collect the information on how to get yourself in the parade.  Also, you do not have to get worried about the fact that if the application process requires some money. There is also a situation that can be used to get the funds online in order to pay the fees.  For example, bad credit loans with the help of it you can borrow some short funds to make your project done with some ease. It can help you to solve your problem anytime and anywhere.


Make your festive Bram stoker festival a memorable one in Dublin. It can be your chance to explore the vibe of getting things done in gothic manner.

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